Chef de partie

Chef de partie

The Chef de Partie (qualified kitchen worker) is responsible for a specific area of expertise (Partie) in the company kitchen. He is in the middle of the kitchen events and subordinate in the rank of the chief cook and the sous chef. In addition to the cooking itself, the "area chief" is also responsible for the following:

  • workflow and organization

  • quality assurance and control

  • guidance of subordinates (Demi Chef de partie, Commis)

  • forwards goods requirements to sous chef and chief cook

Each Chef de Partie has a well-defined specialty and works for example in the field of sauces, fish, meat, appetizers or desserts:

  • Gardemanger (chef for cold appetizers)

  • Entremetier (cook for hot appetizers)

  • Saucier (meat cook)

  • Rotisseur (barbecue cooking)

  • Poissonier (fish cook)

  • Pastry / confectioner (dessert cook)

  • Tournant ("Jolly" - helps in all areas)


16 February 2018