Chief cook/Sole cook

Chief cook/Sole cook

The Chief cook is the Chef de Cuisine and runs the entire kitchen business. He will take all necessary measures in the kitchen to ensure a smooth process:

  • lead the kitchen brigade and assign the posts

  • compilation of menus and daily or seasonal tickets

  • monitoring the equipment, its use and keeping it clean

  • preparing for the next day

  • design tasks for the employees

  • recruitment and training of new employees

  • independent and cost-conscious purchase of food and other items for the kitchen

  • budgeting

  • if necessary, even cooking items and general organizational duties

  • control of cold rooms and warehouses

  • supplier management

  • execution of inventories

In the smaller companies with only a few kitchen staff, one speaks of "sole chef". There, the chief cook or chef is the sole cook and usually has one or more kitchen aids or washers


16 February 2018