Restaurant/Service Manager – Maitre

Restaurant/Service Manager – Maitre

The restaurant manager or service manager (in hotel and guest establishments), also called maitre, is responsible for the smooth process of room service in his/her department. A service manager is usually directly subordinate to the management. He/she has a completed training as hotel manager and brings several years of practice in a leading role.

Tasks include:

  • personnel planning and leadership (role model function)

  • scheduling, recording of working hours

  • purchasing and checking the quality of the product

  • budgeting

  • proper storage of goods

  • control of hygiene regulations

  • conflict resolution in the team

  • handling of complaints from the guests

  • verification of food and drink cards for accuracy and actuality

  • acquisition of reservations, offer preparation

  • close contact with the guests (communication skills)

  • flexibility and excellent manners

  • event. also active cooperation for the room service


01 March 2018