Waiter help - Waiter apprentice - Trainee

Waiter help - Waiter apprentice - Trainee

Serving assistants work as auxiliary staff in hotel and restaurant businesses. They usually have not completed any special training in the hospitality industry and are therefore to be classified among the commis.

They are responsible for the following:

  • bring food and drinks to the tables

  • clearing and cleaning the tables

  • forward guests' wishes to commis de rang or chef de rang

  • cleaning work

Waiter apprentices are the trainees. They are supervised by the service leader or chef de rang and have to obey the strict instructions of the same. Practical work is taught to apprentices in the company, while they also go to school to learn the theoretical part.

Trainees are usually also students who learn their craft. They are hired for a short period of time to give them an insight into the world of work and to prepare them for it.


03 April 2018